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Fig. 2

From: Mapping and identification of CsUp, a gene encoding an Auxilin-like protein, as a putative candidate gene for the upward-pedicel mutation (up) in cucumber

Fig. 2

Genetic and physical maps of up locus. a up locus was located on chromosome 1 by using downward-pedicel individuals and upward-pedicel individuals randomly selected from the small F2 population (133 individuals), and up locus was firstly located between S-indel1–6 and S-indel1–23 using 70 F2 individuals which were from the small F2 population. b up locus was further mapped to the region between S-indel1–75 and S-indel1–70 by using the small F2 population (133 individuals). c up locus was finally narrowed to the region with 35.2 kb physical distance between S-SNP1–35 and S-SNP1–40, using 933 F2 individuals (from the small F2 population with 133 individuals and the large F2 population with 800 individuals) and 524 BC1 individuals for high-density genetic mapping. The number on the chromosome represent the quantity of recombinants for the corresponding marker

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