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Fig. 1

From: Mapping and identification of CsUp, a gene encoding an Auxilin-like protein, as a putative candidate gene for the upward-pedicel mutation (up) in cucumber

Fig. 1

Phenotypic features of the pedicel in WT and up, and the pedicel orientation at different stages in two parents. a, b, c, d and e are pedicels from WT. f, g, h, i and j are pedicels from up. a, f Young fruits at an early stage (approximately 1 cm); b, g Young fruits of the day before female flowers open; c, h Young fruits with opening female flowers; d, i Fruits 3 days after pollination; e, j Fruits 5 days after pollination. When the female flowers were blooming or bloomed, the pedicel was downward growth in WT and upward growth in up

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