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Fig. 2

From: Functional MYB transcription factor encoding gene AN2 is associated with anthocyanin biosynthesis in Lycium ruthenicum Murray

Fig. 2

The alignment of the amino acid sequences of LrAN2, LbAN2 and anthocyanin-related MYB transcription factors in other species. The three domains (HTH_MYB, MYB-like DNA-binding and SANT) that are conserved among known bHLH transcription factors regulating anthocyanin biosynthesis are underlined. R2 and R3 domains are outlined in black and red frames, respectively. The accession numbers of these proteins (or translated products) follows those in the GenBank database: Capsicum annuum/CaAN2: CAE75745; Solanum melongena/SmAN2: AGK37072; PetuniaƗhubrida/PhAN2: AB982128.1; Solanum lycopersicum/SlAN2: ACT36603; Solanum tuberosum/StMTF2: ABY40371

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