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Table 2 Features of MLO genes upregulated upon powdery mildew infection and/or belonging to the phylogenetic clade V

From: Evolutionary conservation of MLO gene promoter signatures

Species Upregulated Clade V Phylogenetic clade (Iovieno et al., 2016) Consortium gene ID Reference for upregulated MLOs
Arabidopsis thaliana AtMLO2 AtMLO2 V AT1G11310 [48]
AtMLO3 VI AT3G45290
AtMLO6 AtMLO6 V AT1G61560
AtMLO12 AtMLO12 V AT2G39200
Vitis vinifera VvMLO3 VvMLO3 V GSVIVG01025653001 [13, 49]
VvMLO4 VvMLO4 V GSVIVG01025162001
VvMLO9   VII GSVIVG01020617001
VvMLO13 V GSVIVG01016302001
VvMLO17 VvMLO17 V GSVIVG01016304001
Malus domestica MdMLO11 MdMLO11 V MDP0000239643 [50]
MdMLO5 V MDP0000163089
MdMLO7 V MDP0000123907
MdMLO18 VII MDP0000928368
MdMLO19 MdMLO19 V MDP0000168714
Capsicum annuum CaMLO1 V Capana11g000102 [10]
CaMLO2 CaMLO2 V Capana06g001935
Solanum lycopersicum SlMLO1 SlMLO1 V Solyc04g049090 [17]
SlMLO3 V Solyc06g010030
SlMLO4 III Solyc00g007200
SlMLO5 V Solyc03g095650
SlMLO8 V Solyc11g069220
SlMLO14 I Solyc07g063260
Cucumis sativus CsMLO1 CsMLO1 V Csa1M085890. [51]
CsMLO8 V Csa5M623470
CsMLO11 V Csa6M292430
Citrullus lanatus ClMLO2 V Cla005044 [7, 13]
ClMLO5 V Cla008753
ClMLO12 ClMLO12 V Cla020573
Cucumis melo CmMLO3 V MELO3C005044 This work
CmMLO5 CmMLO5 V MELO3C012438
CmMLO12 V MELO3C025761