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Table 2 List of primary rat monoclonal antibodies used in the current study

From: Unmethyl-esterified homogalacturonan and extensins seal Arabidopsis graft union

Antibody Recognized epitope References
 LM15 XXXG motif of xyloglucan, shows some cross-reactivity with a single galactosyl residue in xyloglucan subunits XXLG and XLXG [81]
 LM21 β-(1 → 4)-manno-oligosaccharides in heteromannan (mannan, glucomannan, galactomannan polysaccharides) [84]
Pectins – homogalacturonan and rhamnogalacturonan I
 LM19 unmethyl-esterified, partially methyl-esterified HG [47]
 LM20a methyl-esterified HG [47]
 LM7a partially methyl-esterified HG [48]
 LM8 xylogalacturonan, HG domain [85]
 LM5 linear tetrasaccharide in (1–4)-β-D-galactans (RG I side chain) [86]
 LM6 linear pentasaccharide in (1–5)-α-L-arabinans (RG I side chain) [87]
 LM13 longer stretches of 1,5-linked arabinosyl residues [88]
 LM16 epitope associated with arabinans, may involve galactosyl residue(s) on RG backbones [89]
 JIM8b Arabinogalactan [90]
 JIM13 Arabinogalactan/ Arabinogalactan protein, carbohydrate epitope (β)GlcA1- > 3(α)GalA1- > 2Rha [91]
 LM2 Arabinogalactan protein, carbohydrate epitope containing β -linked GlcA [92]
 LM1b Extensin/ HRGP (epitope most likely includes extensin glycan components) [93]
 JIM11b Extensin/ HRGP glycoprotein [94]
 JIM12b Extensin/ HRGP glycoprotein [94]
 JIM20b Extensin/ HRGP glycoprotein [94]
  1. aDoes not bind to unesterified HG. bEpitope structure for carbohydrate antigen: unknown. GalA galacturonic acid, GlcA glucuronic acid, Rha rhamnose