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Table 2 Information about EIN3/EIL gene pairs with potential direct evolutionary relationships

From: Genome-wide identification and analysis of the EIN3/EIL gene family in allotetraploid Brassica napus reveal its potential advantages during polyploidization

Clade EIN3/EIL genes in diploid progenitors EIN3/EIL genes in allotetraploid B. napus
Gene name The number of exons Gene name The number of exons
A1 sub-clade BoEIL1 1 BnAEIL1b 1
B3 sub-clade BrEIL3a 2 BnAEIL3a 2
BoEIL3a 2 BnCEIL3b 2
BrEIL3c 1 BnAEIL3d 3
BoEIL3b 1 BnCEIL3c 3
C1 sub-clade BrEIL2 1 BnAEIL2a 2
BoEIL2b 1 BnCEIL2b 3
C3 sub-clade BrEIL4a 1 BnAEIL4b 1
BoEIL4a 1 BnCEIL4a 1
BrEIL4b 2 BnAEIL4d 2
BoEIL4b 2 BnCEIL4c 2