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Fig. 5

From: Ostkpr1 functions in anther cuticle development and pollen wall formation in rice

Fig. 5

Molecular identification of OsTKPR1. a Fine mapping of the OsTKPR1 gene on chromosome 9. Names and positions of molecular markers and the recombinants are indicated. The OsTKPR1 locus was mapped to a 22.6 centimorgan region between two molecular markers (chr9–4979 and chr9–6308). b Schematic representation of the exon and intron organization of OsTKPR1. The mutant sequence has a 15-nt deletion in the fourth exon (indicated by red colored characters in the wild-type sequence and a red arrow in the schematic figure below), causing the deletion of five amino acids (Ser, Leu, Ser, His, Glu) and alteration of one amino acid (from Pro to Gln). Blue boxes indicate exons, intervening lines indicate introns

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