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Table 2 Absorption kinetics parameters of K+ in tobacco roots under different treatments

From: Grafting alleviates potassium stress and improves growth in tobacco

Graft combination +K -K
Imax (μmol FW g−1 h−1) Km (μmol L− 1) Cmin (μmol L− 1) α Imax (μmol FW g− 1 h− 1) Km (μmol L− 1) Cmin (μmol L− 1) α
W 91.56a 133.17b 57.37b 0.69a 105.21a 113.81c 41.51c 0.92a
Y/W 88.22a 140.71b 65.64b 0.63a 100.57a 121.84c 49.12c 0.83a
W/Y 58.39b 160.07a 87.63a 0.36b 70.4b 142.35b 74.27b 0.49b
Y 55.74b 165.91a 96.84a 0.34b 58.3c 158.99a 90.58a 0.37b
  1. Different letters within the same column indicate a significant difference (P < 0.05)