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Table 5 DEGs related to cyanide-resistant and cyanide degradation pathway

From: Comparative transcriptome analysis reveals significant differences in the regulation of gene expression between hydrogen cyanide- and ethylene-treated Arabidopsis thaliana

Samples Gene id Gene annotation FC log2 FC
CK vs HCN AT3G22370 AOX1A, alternative oxidase 1A 1.59 0.67
AT5G28020 CYSD2, cysteine synthase D2 1.38 0.46
AT1G32350 AOX1D, alternative oxidase 1D 0.17 −2.56
CK vs ET AT3G22370 AOX1A, alternative oxidase 1A 1.97 0.98
AT3G27620 AOX1C, alternative oxidase 1C 1.73 0.79
AT3G04940 CYSD1, cysteine synthase D1 0.80 −0.33
  1. FC fold change