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Table 2 The significantly enriched pathways for DEGs in G. biloba ovules

From: Transcriptomic profiling identifies differentially expressed genes associated with programmed cell death of nucellar cells in Ginkgo biloba L.

Pathway Pathway ID Number of DEGs P value Q value
Ribosome ko03010 82 (1.09%) 2.74E-09 7.43E-07
Flavonoid biosynthesis ko00941 43 (0.57%) 2.69E-06 2.44E-04
Plant hormone signal transduction ko04075 72 (0.95%) 2.70E-06 2.44E-04
Phenylpropanoid biosynthesis ko00940 74 (0.98%) 6.07E-06 4.11E-04
Phenylalanine metabolism ko00360 28 (0.37%) 2.13E-04 1.15E-02