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Table 1 The yield, monosaccharide compositions (mol%) and degree of methyl esterification of cell walls and HEPES fractions from celery collenchyma strands at different stages of development

From: Developmental changes in collenchyma cell-wall polysaccharides in celery (Apium graveolens L.) petioles

Samples Stage of development Petiole length (cm) Yield (%) Monosaccharides TS (μg/mg) DM
Rha Fuc Ara Xyl Man Gal Glc C-Glc UA
CWs 1 2–5 7.1 2.2d 0.8a 9.1d 6.2a 2.0a 9.4b 2.0a 28.0a 40.3b 950a 36.1b
2 10–15 7.8 1.9c 0.9b 6.5c 6.7b 2.6b 10.3b 2.1b 31.9b 37.0a 982ab 35.7b
3 20–25 10.2 1.7b 0.9b 4.3b 7.7c 2.9c 9.5b 2.2c 33.7c 36.7a 951a 34.9b
4 35–40 12.8 1.5a 0.9b 2.5a 7.9c 3.0c 4.7a 2.2c 35.8d 41.5b 1013b 19.2a
HEPES fraction 1 2–5 2.4 2.4a 4.6c 15.5d 9.9a 4.5c 22.8c 9.8c ND 30.5a 183a ND
2 10–15 1.7 2.6a 1.1b 11.4c 12.9b 2.8a 16.5b 5.6b ND 47.1c 436b ND
3 20–25 1.1 2.5a 0.9ab 10.1b 16.6c 3.0b 16.0ab 6.6a ND 44.3b 420b ND
4 35–40 0.9 2.8a 0.6a 9.2a 17.3d 2.9b 14.9a 6.3a ND 46.0bc 435b ND
  1. The yield of the CWs and HEPES fraction is the freeze-dried weight recovered from 100 g fresh weight of collenchyma strands
  2. Rha and Glc values are from the 2 M TFA hydrolysis; all other neutral sugars values are from H2SO4 hydrolysis
  3. Values are the average of duplicates or triplicates (n = 2 or 3)
  4. Different letters (a, b, c) indicate significant differences (P ≤ 0.05)
  5. ND not determined, DM degree of methyl esterification of pectin (mol%), Rha Rhamnose, Fuc fucose, Ara arabinose, Xyl xylose, man mannose, Gal galactose, Glc non-cellulosic glucose from TFA hydrolysis, C-Glc cellulose glucose, TFA glucose subtracted from H2SO4 glucose, UA uronic acids, TS total monosaccharides, sum of uronic acid and neutral monosaccharides