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Table 2 Summary of the top 10 DEPs at Cs

From: Elevated CO2 concentration promotes photosynthesis of grape (Vitis vinifera L. cv. ‘Pinot noir’) plantlet in vitro by regulating RbcS and Rca revealed by proteomic and transcriptomic profiles

Accession Description Fold Change (Cs/CK) KEGG term P value
XP_002274242.1 PREDICTED: major allergen Pru av. 1 [Vitis vinifera] 2.25 none 1.52E-07
XP_002276622.1 PREDICTED: calvin cycle protein CP12–3, chloroplastic [Vitis vinifera] 2.05 none 2.226E-06
XP_002266659.1 PREDICTED: DNA ligase 1 isoform X1 [Vitis vinifera] 1.87 none 0.0062579
XP_002285919.1 PREDICTED: dehydrin ERD14 [Vitis vinifera] 1.82 none 2.481E-05
XP_002273316.1 PREDICTED: protein EXORDIUM-like 2 [Vitis vinifera] 1.76 none 1.736E-06
XP_002275624.1 PREDICTED: oxygen-evolving enhancer protein 3, chloroplastic [Vitis vinifera] 1.76 Photosynthesis (ko00195) 2.678E-08
XP_003631204.1 PREDICTED: MLP-like protein 34 [Vitis vinifera] 1.73 none 2.737E-05
NP_001267958.1 aquaporin TIP2;1 [Vitis vinifera] 1.69 none 4.675E-06
XP_002264295.1 PREDICTED: chlorophyll a-b binding protein CP26, chloroplastic [Vitis vinifera] 1.68 Photosynthesis - antenna proteinsko (00196) 3.238E-09
YP_567093.1 photosystem II protein V (chloroplast) [Vitis vinifera] 1.67 Photosynthesis (ko00195) 4.256E-07
XP_003631660.1 PREDICTED: protein RADIALIS-like 1 [Vitis vinifera] 0.36 none 0.0002393
XP_010660689.1 PREDICTED: aspartokinase 2, chloroplastic isoform X1 [Vitis vinifera] 0.44 Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism/Cysteine and methionine metabolism/Lysine biosynthesis/Monobactam biosynthesis (ko00260;ko00270;ko00300;ko00261) 5.242E-06
XP_002276777.1 PREDICTED: inactive beta-amylase 9 [Vitis vinifera] 0.456 none 3.727E-05
XP_003632911.1 PREDICTED: acid phosphatase 1 [Vitis vinifera] 0.47 none 3.221E-08
XP_002277279.1 PREDICTED: GDSL esterase/lipase At5g45950 [Vitis vinifera] 0.48 none 4.556E-06
XP_002284222.1 PREDICTED: ribonuclease III domain-containing protein RNC1, chloroplastic [Vitis vinifera] 0.50 none 9.809E-06
XP_002279984.3 PREDICTED: protein LUTEIN DEFICIENT 5, chloroplastic [Vitis vinifera] 0.51 Carotenoid biosynthesis (ko00906) 0.0001186
XP_003634206.1 PREDICTED: thaumatin-like protein [Vitis vinifera] 0.52 none 3.04E-05
XP_002281642.1 PREDICTED: 29 kDa ribonucleoprotein A, chloroplastic [Vitis vinifera] 0.52 none 3.048E-06
XP_002265252.1 PREDICTED: tetrapyrrole-binding protein, chloroplastic [Vitis vinifera] 0.53 none 1.121E-06