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Table 1 Specific energy requirement and global warming potential of selected algal biomass disruption methods

From: Investigation of the disruption of algal biomass with chlorine

Algal cell disruption methods Energy use MJ/kg dry mass GWP (kg CO2-eq./kg dry algae)
Chlorine (this study) 3.73 0.3
Hydrodynamic cavitation 33 5.9
High speed homogenizer 67.5 12.2
Sonication 132 23.8
Freeze drying 140 25.2
Microwave 420 75.6
Bead mills 504 90.7
High pressure homogenizer 529 95.2
Pulsed electric field 860 154.8
  1. The specific energy for the existing algal cell disruption methods were obtained from literature [8], and the rest of the data in the table was estimated in this study