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Table 4: Genotyping errors detected in F1 individuals after Sequenom MassARRAY genotyping

From: Genetic identification of SNP markers linked to a new grape phylloxera resistant locus in Vitis cinerea for marker-assisted selection

F1 Individual ID SNP ID Sequenom MassARRAY TASSEL GBS Pipeline
k2b_16_06_6_6c S14_9705369 CT TT
k2b_16_08_6_6c S14_9705369 CT TT
k2b_16_11_5_6c S14_9705369 CT TT
k2b_16_13_2_6c S14_2846470 CT CC
S14_5274160 CT TT
S14_6175917 CT TT
S14_9705369 CT TT
k2b_16_13_7_6c S14_7684469 AG AA
k2b_16_15_1_6c S14_4196799 AA GA
S14_7684469 AA GA
S14_9154944 TT GT