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Table 1: Evaluation of rootstock breeding material for G1 grape phylloxera resistance

From: Genetic identification of SNP markers linked to a new grape phylloxera resistant locus in Vitis cinerea for marker-assisted selection

Variety/Accession Pedigree Nodosities Insects Rating
V. cinerea C2-50 V. cinerea accession 0 0 R
DRX55 (V. vinifera x M. rotundifolia) open pollinated 0 0 R
MS27-31 M. rotundifolia interspecific hybrid 0 0 R
V. aestivalis V. aestivalis accession 0 0 R
171-13L V. aestivalis x V. vinifera 5.7 20.3 S
Riesling V. vinifera variety 53.3 346.7 S
Shiraz V. vinifera variety 96.7 596.7 S
  1. The average number of nodosities and insects is displayed.
  2. R resistant, S susceptible