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Fig. 1

From: Root mediated uptake of Salmonella is different from phyto-pathogen and associated with the colonization of edible organs

Fig. 1

In-vitro colonization of Salmonella is dependent on lateral roots. (a) Representative image depicting Salmonella (mcherry tagged) colonization near the lateral root emerging area. Root is stained with DAPI. (b) Number of lateral roots upon inoculation of various organisms on Day 1, 5 and 10. ANOVA was used to analyze the data. The comparison shown is between uninfected and infected plants at 10th day. *** = P < 0.001; ns = not significant. (c) Salmonella colonization upon inhibition and induction of lateral roots by NAA for Col-0 and axr 1–3 respectively. ANOVA was used to evaluate the significance. *** = P < 0.001. Each experiment was repeated 3 times with 5 replicate each. (d) Correlation of Salmonella colonization with lateral root (at 95% CI). Ralstonia solanacearum ΔhrpB was used as positive control and E.coli was used as non phytopathogenic bacteria control respectively. N = 50 for each organism for calculating correlation

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