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Fig. 5

From: Genome-wide analysis of the pentatricopeptide repeat gene family in different maize genomes and its important role in kernel development

Fig. 5

Comparative analysis of PPR genes between the B73 genome and the PH207 genome. a Synteny analysis of PPR genes in B73 and PH207. The green lines indicate that these PPR genes are located on the same chromosomes in the two genomes, and the red lines indicate that they are located on different chromosomes. b Common paralogs of three PPR genes on chromosome 2 in the B73 genome. GRMZM2G158308 and GRMZM2G439814 on chromosome 2 in the B73 genome have three identical paralogs on the same chromosome of the PH207 genome, and GRMZM2G158308, GRMZM2G439814 and GRMZM2G450166 have a common paralogous gene (Zm00008a010238) in the PH207 genome

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