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Table 1 Superficial scald risk associated metabolites highlighted in Fig. 6

From: Canopy attachment position influences metabolism and peel constituency of European pear fruit

Node label Identification module symbol
V68 Trienol linoleate a turquoise square
V147 unknown trienol acyl ester turquoise square
V160 unknown trienol acyl ester turquoise square
V192 Farnesyl stearate turquoise square
V280 Farnesyl linoleatea turquoise square
V321 Farnesyl linolenate turquoise square
V375 Trienol oleate turquoise square
V381 Farnesyl oleate turquoise square
V539 unknown farnesol acyl ester turquoise square
V385 unknown sequiterpenoid turquoise square
V323 unknown sequiterpenoid turquoise square
V214 (7E,9E)-2,6,10-Trimethyl-2,7,9,11-dodecatetraen-6-ola turquoise circle
V228 unknown trienol turquoise circle
V46 unknown trienol turquoise circle
V188 campesteryl glucosyl linoleate turquoise triangle
V190 ß-sitosteryl glucosyl linoleate turquoise triangle
V307 stigmasteryl glucosyl linoleate turquoise triangle
V494 stigmasteryl glucosyl linolenate turquoise triangle
V518 stigmasteryl glucosyl palmitate turquoise triangle
V218 Unknown stigmasteryl fatty acyl ester turquoise triangle
V182 ß-sitosteryl glucosyl linolenate turquoise triangle
V198 ß-sitosteryl glucosyl palmitate turquoise triangle
  1. aSee Additional file 2: Table S2 for information supporting identification
  2. List includes compounds tentatively identified using mass spectral interpretation and/or comparison or those classified as a certain class of compound (italicized). The module label, color, and symbol are also indicated