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Table 1 CC-type GRXs in cassava genome

From: Identification and characterization of drought-responsive CC-type glutaredoxins from cassava cultivars reveals their involvement in ABA signalling

JGI identifier V4.1 JGI identifier V6.1 Chromosome location Gene Symbol Redox Site ALWL-motif AA
cassava4.1_019956m Manes.01G214700.1 Chr01:30392540..30393324 MeGRXC1 CCMC 102
cassava4.1_024597m Manes.01G214800.1 Chr01:30394902..30395210 MeGRXC2 CCMC AIWF 103
cassava4.1_033785m Manes.01G215000.1 Chr01:30421882..30422775 MeGRXC3 CDMC AIWV 105
cassava4.1_027058m Manes.01G215100.1 Chr01:30426232..30427641 MeGRXC4 CCMS GIWI 103
cassava4.1_018918m Manes.03G049400.1 Chr03:4265637..4266041 MeGRXC5 CCMC ALWA 135
cassava4.1_027873m Manes.03G192100.1 Chr03: 27589330..27589919 MeGRXC6 CAMC ALWV 102
cassava4.1_025892m Manes.05G066700.1 Chr05:5107836..5108531 MeGRXC7 CDMC AIWV 106
cassava4.1_021286m Manes.05G066900.1 Chr05:5120724..5122777 MeGRXC8 CCMC AIWL 103
cassava4.1_019954m Manes.05G067000.1 Chr05:5123236..5123953 MeGRXC9 CCMC 102
cassava4.1_024608m Manes.11G083800.1 Chr11:11464621..11464992 MeGRXC10 CCMC AIWF 124
cassava4.1_032936m Manes.12G007000.1 Chr12:652588..653004 MeGRXC11 CCMC ALWL 139
cassava4.1_032796m Manes.13G007200.1 Chr13:771539..771955 MeGRXC12 CCMC ALWL 139
cassava4.1_018177m Manes.13G141400.1 Chr13:26980309..26981228 MeGRXC13 CCMS ALWL 157
cassava4.1_026496m Manes.15G015500.1 Chr15:1268904..1269746 MeGRXC14 CCMC ALWL 123
cassava4.1_024232m Manes.15G015600.1 Chr15:1265181..1265486 MeGRXC15 CCMC ALWV 102
cassava4.1_028408m Manes.15G124000.1 Chr15:9399566..9399949 MeGRXC16 CCMC ALWL 128
cassava4.1_024091m Manes.16G081400.1 Chr16:23848065..23848499 MeGRXC17 CCMC ALWV 145
cassava4.1_018360m Manes.17G050200.1 Chr17:18791502..18792218 MeGRXC18 CCMC ALWL 151