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Table 1 Characteristics of meiotic prophase I and metaphase I stages in wheat and the efficiency of the MeioCapture protocol

From: MeioCapture: an efficient method for staging and isolation of meiocytes in the prophase I sub-stages of meiosis in wheat

Meiotic stage Duration in CS (hour)a Key events No. of meiocytes isolated per hour, per person using the MeioCapture methodb Condition of SACs
Pre-meiotic G2 DNA replication and chromosome organization 500 to 700 Intact
Leptotene 10.4 Chromosome association 1000 to 1200 Intact
Zygotene 3.4 Homologue pairing and SC formation 1000 to 1200 Intact
Pachytene 2.2 Crossing over and bivalent formation 1400 to 1500 Intact
Diplotene 0.6 Dissociation of SCs 1500 Intact
Diakinesis 0.4 Nuclear membrane disintegration and end of prophase I 300 to 400 Starting to disintegrate
Metaphase I 1.6 Chromosomes line up on metaphase plate 700 to 800 Partially disintegrated
  1. CS Chinese Spring, SC synaptonemal complex, SAC sporogenous archesporial column
  2. aThe duration of each meiotic stage provided is based on data from [9, 43, 44]
  3. b The total number of meiocytes isolated per hour varies depending on the mix of stages occurring in a spike