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Table 1 Summary statistics for the transcriptomes of CSE and SW lineages of Tetrastigma hemsleyanum.

From: Evolutionary insights from comparative transcriptome and transcriptome-wide coalescence analyses in Tetrastigma hemsleyanum

  CSE lineage SW lineage
Total number of clean reads 47,880,822 122,587,340
Total length of clean reads (bp) 4,309,273,980 12,258,734,000
Total numbers of contigs 101,421 138,294
N50 value of contigs 1001 926
Mean length of contigs (bp) 413 377
Q20 percentage (%) 97.98% 98.51%
GC percentage (%) 45.13% 46.10%
Total numbers of unigenes 52,838 65,197
N50 value of unigenes (bp) 1667 1841
Mean length of unigenes (bp) 1034 1095
  1. Notes: Q20 percentage denotes the percentage of sequences with sequencing error rate lower than 1%; N50 means that the contig size such that 50% of the entire assembly is contained in contigs equal to or longer than this value, bp = base pair.