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Table 1 List of 42 MADS-box genes identified in P. edulis and their homologs in Oryza (aa, amino acids)

From: Genome-wide identification of MADS-box family genes in moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) and a functional analysis of PeMADS5 in flowering

Name Gene ID Homologous Length (aa) Intron Gene location Subfamily Predicted gene type
PeMADS1 PH01002127G0260 OsMADS3 266 7 PH01002127:173109–184,410(− stand) Type II AG-like
PeMADS2 PH01000306G0610 OsMADS18 257 7 PH01000306:378556–403,756(− stand) Type II FUL3 AP1 SQUA-like
PeMADS3 PH01000606G0250 OsMADS14 201 6 PH01000606:177440–184,284(+ stand) Type II FUL1 AP1 SQUA-like
PeMADS4 PH01000466G0340 OsMADS68 370 10 PH01000466:212382–216,357(− stand) Type II MIKC*
PeMADS5 PH01000437G0930 OsMADS22 228 7 PH01000437:618016–625,547(− stand) Type II SVP-like
PeMADS6 PH01000059G1270 OsMADS56 222 6 PH01000059:749594–811,731(+ stand) Type II TM3-like
PeMADS7 PH01000759G0450 OsMADS56 226 6 PH01000759:309532–372,975(+ stand) Type II TM3-like
PeMADS8 PH01000038G1550 OsMADS47 230 7 PH01000038:1113162–1,119,265(− stand) Type II SVP-like
PeMADS9 PH01000317G0080 OsMADS2 209 6 PH01000317:51918–54,493(+ stand) Type II PI GLO-like
PeMADS10 PH01001878G0200 OsMADS4 209 6 PH01001878:118831–120,592(+ stand) Type II PI GLO-like
PeMADS11 PH01000338G0120 OsMADS31 226 4 PH01000338:109773–112,174(+ stand) Type II GGM13-like
PeMADS12 PH01000616G0020 OsMADS33 190 5 PH01000616:15256–18,269(− stand) Type II AGL12-like
PeMADS13 PH01002743G0050 OsMADS18 257 7 PH01002743:23635–31,559(− stand) Type II FUL3 AP1 SQUA-like
PeMADS14 PH01000006G0210 OsMADS20 281 6 PH01000006:135925–141,334(− stand) Type II SQUA-like
PeMADS15 PH01005177G0100 OsMADS26 211 5 PH01005177:60648–64,034(+ stand) Type II AGL12-like
PeMADS16 PH01000794G0210 OsMADS4 273 5 PH01000794:136094–138,076(− stand) Type II PI GLO-like
PeMADS17 PH01001113G0580 OsMADS32 301 6 PH01001113:351365–358,010(− stand) Type II PI GLO-like
PeMADS19 PH01001303G0110 OsMADS37 183 5 PH01001303:60303–74,009(− stand) Type II OsMADS37-like
PeMADS20 PH01001952G0230 OsMADS1 244 7 PH01001952:162071–190,513(− stand) Type II AGL2-like SEP
PeMADS21 PH01000117G1210 OsMADS37 158 2 PH01000117:863423–865,146(− stand) Type II OsMADS37-like
PeMADS23 PH01002755G0230 OsMADS50 215 6 PH01002755:82368–142,165(− stand) Type II TM3-like
PeMADS24 PH01000080G0200 OsMADS55 259 7 PH01000080:117443–126,410(− stand) Type II SVP-like
PeMADS25 PH01003178G0150 OsMADS65 205 4 PH01003178:58826–64,955(− stand) Type II OsMADS37-like
PeMADS26 PH01000222G1060 OsMADS34 216 6 PH01000222:703088–717,231(+ stand) Type II AGL2-like SEP
PeMADS28 PH01000222G1190 OsMADS15 192 6 PH01000222:177607–183,539(+ stand) Type II FUL2 AP1 SQUA-like
PeMADS29 PH01001278G0330 OsMADS3 229 6 PH01001278:214488–227,311(+ stand) Type II AG-like
PeMADS31 PH01021006G0010 OsMADS3 229 5 PH01021006:308–2511(+ stand) Type II AG-like
PeMADS32 PH01003236G0170 OsMADS29 251 4 PH01003236:150540–151,005(− stand) Type II GGM13-like
PeMADS33 PH01001174G0480 OsMADS5 228 5 PH01001174:303844–317,831(+ stand) Type II AGL2-like SEP
PeMADS34 PH01002152G0120 OsMADS56 221 6 PH01002152:73202–96,884(+ stand) Type II TM3-like
PeMADS35 PH01000107G0570 OsMADS56 152 4 PH01000107:455631–474,775(− stand) Type II TM3-like
PeMADS40 PH01001750G0200 OsMADS58 230 5 PH01001750:217480–232,134(+ stand) Type II AG-like
PeMADS41 PH01001188G0490 OsMADS15 259 7 PH01001188:311503–334,928(+ stand) Type II FUL2 AP1 SQUA-like
PeMADS43 PH01000077G1380 OsMADS55 224 6 PH01000077:896999–903,795(+ stand) Type II SVP-like
PeAP 3 N/A OsMADS16 200 7 PH01001272:176122–180,192(+ stand) Type II AP3 GLO-like
PeAGL6 N/A OsMADS6 240 4 PH01002217: 12110–41,791(+ stand) Type II AGL6-like
PeMα1 N/A OsMADS73 97 0 PH01010177:5039–5332(+ stand) Type I
PeMα2 N/A OsMADS73 98 0 PH01000557:531750–532,199(− stand) Type I
PeMα3 N/A OsMADS78 212 0 PH01000604:455236–455,874(− stand) Type I
PeMα4 PH01000954G0350 OsMADS72 377 1 PH01000954:196706–198,735(− stand) Type I
PeMα5 N/A OsMADS75 184 0 PH01002999: 94340–94,894(+ stand) Type I
PeMα6 N/A OsMADS73 87 0 PH01224566:45–309 (− stand) Type I