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Fig. 6

From: Identification of a G2-like transcription factor, OsPHL3, functions as a negative regulator of flowering in rice by co-expression and reverse genetic analysis

Fig. 6

Diurnal expression pattern of key floral regulators between WT and OsPHL3-OE transgenic plants. a-b Real time PCR revealed the transcript levels of Hd3a, RFT1, Hd1 and Ehd1 under LDs (a) and SDs (b). Ubiquitin gene of rice was used as internal control. The black lines represent the WT. Red and blue lines represent OsPHL3-OE4 and OsPHL3-OE6 transgenic plants, respectively. White bars indicate the light period, and black bars indicate the dark periods. The numbers below the bars represent the hours of the day. The mean of each point is based on the average of three technical repeats and two biological repeats

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