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Table 1 Summary of the number of soybean UBS components identified after HMMER analysis, BLAST search against the Pfam and NCBI databases, and manual validation

From: Genome-wide analysis of genes encoding core components of the ubiquitin system in soybean (Glycine max) reveals a potential role for ubiquitination in host immunity against soybean cyst nematode

Methods UBC genes RING genes U-box genes F-box genes
HMMER searcha 107 1234 158 579
Pfam Search 99 826 127 572
NCBI Search 106 1034 145 470
Preliminary Hitsb 106 1034 145 547
Manual Validation 91 760 124 472
  1. aMultiple annotated proteins corresponding to alternative spliced transcripts of the same gene were found in HMMER search. The sequence of the primary transcript for these genes as specified by the database was used
  2. bThe number of Preliminary Hit denote the number of corresponding UBS component identified after combining the Pfam and NCBI searches