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Table 2 Identification and discovery of jasmintides from transcriptomic and peptidomic approaches

From: Molecular diversity and function of jasmintides from Jasminum sambac

  1. Mass: calculated mass expressed in Dalton. The tissue with the presence of jasmintides was detected by LC-Orbitrap MS/MS, where R, L and F represent roots, leaves and flowers, respectively. A higher -10logP value indicates a more confident sequencing result. Sequences with a -10logP value ≥30 is equivalent to false discovery rate (FDR) < 0.03%. Error represent the error in parts-per million (ppm). PTM post-translational modifications, where Pyr and Dea represent pyroglutamation and deamidation, respectively. The bracket represents the post-translational modified amino acid residues. Residues with modifications are bolded and underlined