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Table 1 Switchgrass seed sources used in this study

From: Genomic prediction accuracy for switchgrass traits related to bioenergy within differentiated populations

Strain Description Source
‘Kanlow’ (K) Released lowland-tetraploid cultivar NRCS-Manhattan Kansas Manhattan Plant Materials Center
Kanlow N1 (N1) Kanlow-derived population that had survived winter-kill over a four year period in Nebraska Syn 2 increase of isolated polycross from selected plants
‘Summer’ (S) Upland tetraploid with exceptional vigor and biomass yield in Nebraska and heading later than DOY 209 in 2005 Syn 1 increase from 1000 individual polycross nursery
Kanlow N1 Early Maturity (N1EM) Derived from Kanlow N1 with high yields and heading day earlier than DOY224 Syn 1 bulk harvest from 15 individuals grown in an isolated polycross nursery
KxS F2 (KxS) Upland-lowland hybrid population, K(♂) × S(♀) Syn 2 seed increase 1 generation removed from initial hybrids grown in an isolated polycross