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Table 1 A representative list of sorghum genotypes/varieties showing varying degrees of susceptibility to BMV

From: An efficient and improved method for virus-induced gene silencing in sorghum

Sorghum bicolor genotypea Percent of plants showing disease phenotype after BMV challengeb
BMV::GFP BMV::anti-Ubiq
BTx623 100.00 100.00
Rio 100.00 83.33
Topper 76 80.00 61.54
PI 641817 54.77 50.00
N122B 41.67 33.33
N588 18.18 16.67
  1. aMore than ten plants of each line were used for screening.
  2. bTwo weeks old sorghum plants were rub inoculated with BMV::GFP or BMV::anti-Ubiq and plants showing BMV infection symptom were scored three weeks after inoculation.