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Table 1 Olive pollen superoxide dismutase (SOD) sequences retrieved from transcriptomic and genomic databases

From: Identification of novel superoxide dismutase isoenzymes in the olive (Olea europaea L.) pollen

Gene name Type Transcriptome
code a
code b
Arabidopsis orthologue (gene name)/Identity (%)c Length (aa) Mw (Da)/pI Cellular localization
OeCSD1.1A Cu,Zn po11_olive_011703 OE6A103554T1 At1g08830 (AtCSD1)/83 152 15,306.96/5.76 d-e Cytosol
OeCSD1.1B Cu,Zn po11_olive_018096 OE6A103554T1 At1g08830 (AtCSD1)/78 144 14,521.15/6.09 d-e Cytosol
OeCSD1.2 Cu,Zn po11_olive_018137 OE6A068806T1 At1g08830 (AtCSD1)/83 152 15,232.96/5.93 d-e Cytosol
OeCSD1.3 Cu,Zn po11_olive_027139 OE6A101614T3 At1g08830 (AtCSD1)/82 152 15,200.83/5.76 d-e Cytosol
OeCSD2 Cu,Zn po11_olive_021051
OE6A004775T3 At2g28190 (AtCSD2)/63 230 23,426.38/6.23 d
23,434.39/6.23 e
OeCSD3 Cu,Zn po11_olive_018653 OE6A038482T1 At5g18100 (AtCSD3)/75 157 15,944.81/6.53 d
16,045.98/6.53 e
OeFSD2 Fe po11_olive_023570 OE6A023256T3 At5g51100 (AtFSD2)/64 306 35,002.29/5.40 d
35,051.27/5.24 e
OeMSD1 Mn po11_olive_008559 OE6A054770T1 At3g10920 (AtMSD1)/78 228 25,501.22/6.71 d-e Mitochondria
  1. a Transcript codes from the olive (cv. ‘Picual’) pollen transcriptome database (
  2. b Transcript codes from the olive (cv. ‘Farga’) genome database (
  3. c Identity (%) between the olive SOD amino acid sequences and the corresponding Arabidopsis orthologues
  4. d-e Molecular weight (Da) and isoelectric point (pI) referred to the transcriptome (d) and genome (e) SOD amino acid sequences, respectively