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Table 6 Hay yield reduction (%) as a result of drought stress at the end of the experiments

From: Influence of drought stress on afalfa yields and nutritional composition

Experiment Condition Yield of Gold Queen hay Yield of Suntory hay
Hay yield (kg/ha) % Hay yield (kg/ha) %
Experiment I Control 137.3a n.a. 125.3a n.a.
Moderate spring drought 52.6b −54% 44.3b −65%
Severe spring drought 63.7b −66% 54.6b −69%
Moderate summer drought 138.4b −4% 123.4a n.s.
Severe summer drought 56.7c −57% 46.7c −45%
Experiment II Control 138.7a n.a. 118.7a n.a.
Early spring severe drought 64.8d −70% 44.8b −70%
Late spring severe drought 43.7c −83% 32.7c −79%
rainfed 100.6b −27% 100.6b −27%
  1. n.a not applicable