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Table 3 Coordinates, size and identity of WL-homologous regions in different species

From: Comparative analysis of inverted repeats of polypod fern (Polypodiales) plastomes reveals two hypervariable regions

Species GenBank accession number Region Coordinates Annotation % Identity to WI-homologous fragment of W. unigemmata b.p.
Plagiogyria glauca plastid, partial KP136831 LSC 29,128...29895 intergenic spacer 67% 768
Plagiogyria japonica plastid, partial HQ658099 LSC 4503…5273 intergenic spacer 67% 770
Mankyua chejuensis plastid, complete genome KP205433 LSC 62,408...62158 ORF295 66% 255
Ophioglossum californicum plastid, complete genome KC117178 LSC 49,930...49660 intergenic spacer 65% 270
Asplenium nidus mitochondrion, partial AM600641 Mitochondrion 3188…2986 intergenic spacer 67% 202