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Table 4 Digital Expression profile for genes in anther developmental pathway

From: De novo transcriptome assembly from flower buds of dioecious, gynomonoecious and chemically masculinized female Coccinia grandis reveals genes associated with sex expression and modification

Stage of stamen development Genes Expression pattern
Stamen Primordia Initiation AG Unbiased
CLV1/CLV2 Unbiased/male-biased
PI Male-biased
AP3 Unclear homolog
JAG Male-biased
Archesporial initiation BAM1/BAM2 Unclear homolog
SPL/NZZ Unclear homolog
Tapetal Development EMS1 Male-biased
SERK1/2 Male-specific
TPD1 Male-biased
RPK2 Male-specific
TDF Male-biased
DYT1 Unbiased
bHLH89 Male-biased
Mature Pollen Formation AMS Male-biased
MS1 Male-biased
MS2 Male-biased
MIA Unbiased
LAP3 Unbiased
LAP5 Male-biased