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Table 3 Number of differentially expressed transcripts for each pairwise comparison between the flower types. Transcripts that had p-values at most 1e-3 and were at least 2^2 fold were considered as differentially expressed

From: De novo transcriptome assembly from flower buds of dioecious, gynomonoecious and chemically masculinized female Coccinia grandis reveals genes associated with sex expression and modification

Flower Buds Comparison Number of DE transcripts
Ag_Early_vs_Female_Early 3574
Ag_Early_vs_GYMH_Early 34,458
Ag_Early_vs_GYMH_Middle 38,849
Ag_Early_vs_Male_Early 33,863
Ag_Early_vs_Male_Middle 36,923
Female_Early_vs_GYMH_Early 31,886
Female_Early_vs_GYMH_Middle 39,885
Female_Early_vs_Male_Early 35,694
Female_Early_vs_Male_Middle 40,477
GYMH_Early_vs_GYMH_Middle 816
GYMH_Early_vs_Male_Early 8659
GYMH_Early_vs_Male_Middle 11,576
GYMH_Middle_vs_Male_Early 12,357
GYMH_Middle_vs_Male_Middle 14,954
Male_Early_vs_Male_Middle 4427