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Fig. 9

From: De novo transcriptome assembly from flower buds of dioecious, gynomonoecious and chemically masculinized female Coccinia grandis reveals genes associated with sex expression and modification

Fig. 9

qRT-PCR based expression analyses of selected Ethylene-responsive transcription factors (ERFs) with two biological replicates. The relative expression in the sample of middle-staged male-A (MMA) was set to 1 for plotting the qRT-PCR data. AgEA, Early-staged Ag-H A; AgEB, Early-staged Ag-H B; FEA, Early-staged Female A; FEB, Early-staged Female B; GEA, Early-staged GyM-H A; GEB, Early-staged GyM-H B; GMA, Middle-staged GyM-H A; GMB, Middle-staged GyM-H B; MEA, Early-staged Male A; MEB, Early-staged Male B; MMA, Middle-staged Male A; MMB, Middle-staged Male B; AgMA, Middle-staged Ag-H A, AgMB, Middle-staged Ag-H B; FMA, Middle-staged Female A; FMB, Middle-staged Female B

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