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Table 2 Information of plant miRNAs and their targets in Carya cathayensis

From: Genome-wide analysis of miRNAs in Carya cathayensis

miRNA Function Targets Reference Target Annotation
cca-miR27     contig06943  
cca-miR38     contig23321 LOM1
contig24104 LOM3
miR156 Juvenile-to-adult transition Squamosa promoter-binding protein, putative (SBP) [43] contig03115 SPL9
contig20796 SPL10
miR160 Flower organs development Auxin response factors (ARF) [44]   
miR166 Leaf polarity; shoot apical meristem and lateral organ formation Class III homeodomain leucine zipper protein (HD-ZIP III) [27, 28] contig26884 HD-ZIP III
miR167 Reproductive development, fertility of anthers ARF [32]   
miR168 miRNA pathway regulation Argonaute 1(AGO1) [45] contig19324 AGO1
miR169 Juvenile-to-adult transition Nuclear Factor Y, Subunit A1 (NF-YA 1) [46] contig23375 NF-YA1
miR171 Flower development Lost Meristems (LOM) [30] contig04244 LOM1
contig09385 LOM3
contig23998 LOM3
miR172 Juvenile-to-adult transition Apetala2 (AP2) [1] contig05419 TOE2
contig05202 TOE1
miR319 Flower development TCP Domain Protein(TCP) [47]   
miR390 Developmental timing and patterning TAS3 transcripts [48]