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Table 1 Cloned six wheat MYB genes

From: Characterization of wheat MYB genes responsive to high temperatures

Cloned genes Accession number Coding sequence Chromosomal Molecular Isoelectric
length (bp) location weight point (pI)
TaMYB79 KY475607 837 5AS 31.7 5.47
TaMYB80 KY475608 1050 2AS 38.6 5.98
TaMYB81 KY475609 834 2AL 30.6 6.16
TaMYB82 KY475610 873 4BS 32.3 5.46
TaMYB83 KY475611 795 7BS 29.1 5.98
TaMYB84 KY475612 849 4AL 31 7.04
  1. The chromosomal location of cloned genes was obtained by blasting against the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC) database. The molecular weight and isoelectronic point (pI) were calculated using the ProtParam tool (