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Table 1 Oxygen evolution of intact cells and isolated thylakoid membranes of C. meneghiniana. FeCN (2 mM) or DCBQ (0.5 mM) were used as electron acceptors, NH4Cl (10 mM) as uncoupler of the light-driven proton gradient. The Chl concentration of the cells or thylakoid membranes for the oxygen evolution measurements was 10 μg mL−1

From: An optimized protocol for the preparation of oxygen-evolving thylakoid membranes from Cyclotella meneghiniana provides a tool for the investigation of diatom plastidic electron transport

Sample Electron acceptor Oxygen evolution [μmol O2 mg Chl−1 h−1]
Untreated thylakoids DCBQ 117.44 ± 19.8
FeCN; FeCN, −NH4Cl 29.48 ± 4.31; 23.43 ± 4.47
Shocked thylakoids DCBQ 101.12 ± 9.84
FeCN; FeCN, −NH4Cl 29.75 ± 6.7; 21.1 ± 1.02
Cells No supplement 162.67 ± 28.99
  1. For further information about the measurement conditions see the Methods section. Table 1 depicts the mean values of three independent thylakoid isolations with the respective standard deviations