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Table 1 Proteins highly similar to NPR1 or Non-inducible immunity protein 1 (NIM1)

From: A post-gene silencing bioinformatics protocol for plant-defence gene validation and underlying process identification: case study of the Arabidopsis thaliana NPR1

Entry name Gene names Status Protein name
Q9LY00 WRKY70 or At3g56400 Probable WRKY transcription factor 70 (WRKY DNA-binding protein 70)
Q9LMM5 MPK11 or At1g01560 Mitogen-activated protein kinase 11 (AtMPK11) (MAP kinase 11)
O64834 At2g23680 or F26B6.33 Cold-regulated 413 plasma membrane protein 3 (AtCOR413-PM3)
Q9ZPY9 PI4KG4 or PI4KGamma4 Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase gamma 4 or At2g46500 (AtPI4Kgamma4) (PI4K gamma 4)
Q39054 CNX1 or At5g20990 or F22D1.6 Molybdopterin biosynthesis protein CNX1
Q5XEZ8 PUB2 or At5g67340 U-box domain-containing protein 2
Q9SJ52 YLS9 or NHL10 or At2g35980 Protein YLS9 (Protein NDR1/HIN1-LIKE 10)
Q9SGI8 CML40 or At3g01830 Probable calcium-binding protein CML40
Q9FNZ5 NIMIN-1 or At1g02450 Protein NIM1-Interacting 1 (NIMIN-1)
Q38868 CPK9 or At3g20410 Calcium-dependent protein kinase 9
Q9C7SO BZIP60 or At1g42990 bZIP transcription factor 60 (AtbZIP60)
O80397 MKK4 or At1g51660 Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 4 (AtMKK4)
Q9L9T5 ATL2 or At3g16720 RING-H2 finger protein ATL2 (Protein Arabidopsis Toxicos En Levadura 2)
Q9S745 PAD4 or EDS9 or At3g52430 Lipase-like PAD4 (Protein Enhanced Disease Susceptibility 9)
Q42484 RPS2 or At4g26090 Disease resistance protein RPS2 (Resistance to P-syringae protein 2)
Q9SN89 CML47 or At3g47480 Probable calcium-binding protein CML47
Q9SU72 EDS1 or EDS1A or At3g48090 Protein EDS1 (Enhanced Disease Susceptibility 1)
Q8L751 ORP1C or At4g08180 Oxysterol-binding protein-related protein 1C
Q39234 TGA3 or BZIP22 or At1g22070 Transcription factor TGA3 (AtbZIP22)
Q9SAH7 WRKY40 or At1g80840 Probable WRKY transcription factor 40 (WRKY DNA-binding protein 40)
COLGJ1 At1g74360 or F1M20.4 Threonine-protein kinase
Q84TG3 PUB23 or At2g35930 Plant U-box protein 23
Q9FPHO XBAT34 or At4g14365 Putative E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase XBAT34
Q9SG86 BZIP28 or At3g10800 bZIP transcription factor 28 (AtbZIP28)
Q9C7N2 CAD1 or At1g29690 MACPF domain-containing protein CAD1 (Protein Constitutively Activated Cell Death 1)
Q9C9H6 RLP11 or At1g71390 Putative disease resistance protein (Receptor like protein 11)
Q9SJQ8 At2g36470 Expressed protein (Uncharacterized protein)
Q8RXN8 At5g42050 Development and Cell Death (DCD)
Q8GYH5 ANK or At5g54610 Ankyrin repeat family protein
Q9LN03 At1g08050 C3HC4-type RING finger-containing protein
  1. The gene names are given in the second column whilst the full protein name as downloaded from the UniProt database [61] is given in the fourth column. A gene can have more than one name, but throughout this study we use the first names of each gene. The third column indicates whether the protein has been reviewed (i.e., manually curated: marked ) or not (✗)