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Table 1 APHIS notification numbers for importing seeds and releasing transgenic N. attenuata plants

From: Plant-mediated RNAi silences midgut-expressed genes in congeneric lepidopteran insects in nature

Line Import # Year Release #
EV 07–341-101n 2014 13–350-101r
irPMT (NaPMT NCBI accession no. AF280402) 07–341-101n 2014 13–350-101r
irGGPPS (NaGGPPS NCBI accession no. EF382626) 07–341-101n 2014 13–350-101r
irCYP6B46 (MsCYP6B46 NCBI accession no. GU731529) 10–004-105 m 2014 13–350-101r
irBG1 (MsBG1 NCBI accession no. FK816842) 10–004-105 m 2014 13–350-101r