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Table 1 The anthocyanin synthesis regulatory genes annotated for the first time in the current study

From: Identification and characterization of regulatory network components for anthocyanin synthesis in barley aleurone

Gene name Protein type CDS length, bp Chromosome Cultivar Contig from IPK Barley BLAST Server Exons
HvMyc2 MYC/bHLH 1683 4HL Bowman 106,753 e1-e5
      10,625 e6-e8
     Morex 1,563,805 e1-e5
      442,143 e6-e8
     Barke 430,151 e1-e2
      55,550 e3-e5
      2,789,433 e6-e8
HvMpc2 MYB 711 4HL Bowman 110,138 e1-e2
     Morex 317,820 e1-e2
     Barke 401,169 e1-partially e2
      395,048 partially e2
HvWD40 WD40 1071 6HL Bowman 849,119 e1
     Morex 39,083 e1
HvF3’5’H Cytochrome P450 1440 4HL Bowman 855,926 e1-e3
     Morex 1,575,914 e1-e3