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Table 1 List of different plant species along with accession numbers

From: Genome-wide analysis of wheat calcium ATPases and potential role of selected ACAs and ECAs in calcium stress

Taxon Accession numbers Sequence length Databases
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_4AS_TGACv1_306881_AA1014450.1 1020 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_4BL_TGACv1_322716_AA1072800.2 1020 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_4DL_TGACv1_342814_AA1122680.1 1020 Ensembl Plants
Triticum urartu M7ZNL4 1020 UniProtKB
Brachypodium distachyon Bradi1g70920.1 1020 ARAMEMNON
Oryza sativa LOC_Os03g10640 1019 MSU
Sorghum bicolor C5WTS5 1020 UniProtKB
Oryza brachyantha J3ll50 1031 UniProtKB
Triticum aestivum 5AS TRIAE_CS42_5AS_TGACv1_393493_AA1273190.4 1020 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum 5BS TRIAE_CS42_5BS_TGACv1_423347_AA1374870.1 1020 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum 5DS TRIAE_CS42_5DS_TGACv1_458228_AA1492790.1 1020 Ensembl Plants
Triticum urartu M8A7X8 946 * UniProtKB
Brachypodium distachyon Bradi4g03130.1 1019 ARAMEMNON
Oryza sativa LOC_Os12g39660.1 1020 MSU
Oryza barthii A0A0D3HW73 1020 UniProtKB
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_4AL_TGACv1_288269_AA0942920.1 1052 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_U_TGACv1_641388_AA2093540.1 1052 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_4DS_TGACv1_361699_AA1171710.1 1050 Ensembl Plants
Triticum Urartu M8AJX4 1536 UniProtKB
Brachypodium distachyon Bradi1g14630.1 1020 ARAMEMNON
Oryza sativa LOC_Os03g42020.1 1033 MSU
Sorghum bicolor C5WSB3 1033 UniProtKB
vOryza brachyantha J3LQU0 986* UniProtKB
Oryza barthii A0A0D3FLA5 1033 UniProtKB
Triticum Urartu M7ZET5 998* UniProtKB
Brachypodium distachyon Bradi4g43300.1 1035 ARAMEMNON
Oryza sativa LOC_Os11g04460.1 1017 MSU
Sorghum bicolor C5Y458 1037 UniProtKB
Oryza barthii A0A0D3HR67 1039 UniProtKB
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_1BL_TGACv1_030749_AA0099780.1 1042 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_1AL_TGACv1_001355_AA0029220.1 980* Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_1DL_TGACv1_062322_AA0212540.1 980* Ensembl Plants
Triticum Urartu M7YR54 992* UniprotKB
Brachypodium distachyon Bradi2g21180.1 1041 ARAMEMNON
Oryza sativa LOC_Os05g41580.1 1057 MSU
Sorghum bicolor C5Z0B0 1042 UniProtKB
Oryza brachyantha J3M8H2 1038 UniProtKB
Oryza barthii A0A0D3G9C7 1073 UniProtKB
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_1BL_TGACv1_031294_AA0110960.1 1020 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_1AL_TGACv1_001862_AA0035990.1 1024 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_1DL_TGACv1_061321_AA0192370.1 1034 Ensembl Plants
Brachypodium distachyon Bradi3g26890.1 1025 ARAMEMNON
Oryza sativa LOC_Os10g28240.1 1035 MSU
Sorghum bicolor C5X1K4 1012 C5X1K4
Oryza brachyantha J3N2P8 1049 UniProtKB
Oryza barthii A0A0D3HDQ0 1032 A0A0D3HDQ0
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_7DS_TGACv1_621790_AA2026140.1 1083 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_U_TGACv1_641800_AA2104440.1 1083 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_U_TGACv1_641800_AA2104450.3 1082 Ensembl Plants
Triticum Urartu M7YGM5 1050 UniProtKB
Brachypodium distachyon Bradi3g40640.1 1094 ARAMEMNON
Sorghum bicolor C5YI87 1087 UniProtKB
Oryza brachyantha J3MUF6 1086 UniProtKB
Oryza barthii A0A0D3H254 1016 UniProtKB
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_2BL_TGACv1_129973_AA0400750.3 1087 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_2AL_TGACv1_093051_AA0270470.1 1081 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_2DL_TGACv1_159040_AA0531140.1 1228 Ensembl Plants
Brachypodium distachyon Bradi5g20890.1 1082 ARAMEMNON
Oryza sativa LOC_Os04g51610.1 1089 MSU
Sorghum bicolor C5YFI8 1092 UniProtKB
Oryza brachyantha J3 M160 1084 UniProtKB
Oryza barthii A0A0D3FZV8 1013 UniProtKB
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_6AS_TGACv1_485501_AA1546480.1 1094 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_6BS_TGACv1_514490_AA1660470.1 1097 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_6DS_TGACv1_542558_AA1724300.1 1097 Ensembl Plants
Triticum Urartu M7ZL44 1130 UniProtKB
Brachypodium distachyon Bradi3g05697.1 1027 ARAMEMNON
Oryza brachyantha J3LA39 1088 UniProtKB
Oryza barthii A0A0D3F1F8 1084 UniProtKB
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_3AL_TGACv1_194974_AA0643030.1 1043 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_3B_TGACv1_225697_AA0811210.1 1043 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_3DL_TGACv1_251172_AA0878350.1 1043 Ensembl Plants
Brachypodium distachyon Bradi2g60324.1 1051 ARAMEMNON
Oryza sativa loc os01g71240 1043 MSU
Oryza brachyantha J3L7P9 1043 UniProtKB
Triticum aestivum 4DL TRIAE_CS42_4BL_TGACv1_322129_AA1068800.1 1105 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum 4BL TRIAE_CS42_4AS_TGACv1_306876_AA1014390.1 1068 Ensembl Plants
Triticumaestivum 4AS_V2 TRIAE_CS42_4DL_TGACv1_342374_AA1111770.2 873* Ensembl Plants
Brachypodium distachyon I1H6T2 1062 ARAMEMNON
Oryza sativa Q8H8w1 845* MSU
Sorghum bicolor C5WP97 1061 UniProtKB
Oryza barthii A0A0D3FGZ7 1058 UniProtKB
Triticum aestivum 4DS IWGSC_chr4DS_ab_k71 977* URGI
Triticum aestivum 4BS IWGSC_chr4BS_ab_k71 1002 URGI
Triticum aestivum 4A N/A N/A N/A
Brachypodium distachyon Bradi1g09810.1 1002 UniProtKB
Oryza sativa LOC_Os03g52090.1 1217 MSU
Sorghum bicolor A0A1B6QIC1 1000 UniProtKB
Oryza brachyantha J3LSI2 1000 UniProtKB
Oryza barthii A0A0D3FNM9 1078 UniProtKB
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_1BS_TGACv1_049567_AA0157010.1; 1057 UniProtKB
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_1AS_TGACv1_020544_AA0078240.1 1057 Ensembl Plants
Triticum aestivum TRIAE_CS42_1DS_TGACv1_080510_AA0249290.1 1054 Ensembl Plants
Brachypodium distachyon I1HME9 1038 UniProtKB
Triticum urartu M8AS38 848* UniProtKB
Sorghum bicolor C5YYZ2 1058 UniProtKB
Oryza brachyantha J3M3F0 1057 UniProtKB
  1. * Partial sequences