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Table 2 Mutants isolated from AR-up genes

From: Differentially expressed genes during the imbibition of dormant and after-ripened seeds – a reverse genetics approach

SALK entry AGI code Knock out # Encoded protein
SALK_043889 AT4G34135 KO 35 UDP-Glucosyltransferase 73B2 (UGT73B2)
SALK_094069C AT3G26570 KO 37 Phosphate transporter 2;1 (PHT2;1)
SALK_091600.51.00.x AT5G49910 KO 38 Chloroplast heat shock protein 70–2 (CPHSC70-2)
SALK_097487C AT4G34131 KO 39 UDP-glucosyl transferase 73B3 (UGT73B3)
SALK_086616C AT3G20210 KO 40 Delta vacuolar processing enzyme (DELTA-VPE)
SAIL_547_D05 AT4G31330 KO 41 Protein of unknown function
SALK_007230.56.00.x AT5G13400 KO 42 Peptide transporter 5
SALK_017818.55.50.x AT2G45180 KO 43 Lipid-transfer protein/seed storage 2S albumin superfamily protein
SALK_095678 AT1G07890 KO 44 Ascorbate peroxidase 1 (APX1)
SALK_090550.52.85.x AT1G47128 KO 45 Responsive to dehydration 21 (RD21)
SALK_015756 AT3G45010 KO 46 Serine carboxypeptidase-like 48 (scpl48)
SALK_132995.40.05.x AT4G34260 KO 47 Altered Xyloglucan 8 (AXY8)
  1. The table includes information about the affected gene (according to TAIR10a)a
  2. TAIR database website: