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Table 2 Disease resistance identification of T1-generation CsERF004-over-expressing plants

From: Expression and functional analysis of the transcription factor-encoding Gene CsERF004 in cucumber during Pseudoperonospora cubensis and Corynespora cassiicola infection

Disease name Disease index
E4 E7 E9 WT
Downy mildew (P. cubensis) 58.7 62.7 60.0 90.7
Target spot (C. cassiicola) 49.3 52.0 56.0 85.3
  1. Disease condition index = Σ (number of disease-level plants × representative levels) × 100/(total number of plants × highest representative value). E4, E7, and E9: T1-generation plants in CsERF004-over-expressing lines. WT: control