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Table 1 RNA-sequencing, read mapping and feature count statistics of the experiment

From: The common transcriptional subnetworks of the grape berry skin in the late stages of ripening

Next-generation sequencing platform Illumina Hiseq2000
Cultivars investigated 7
Library type Single-end
Number of libraries 84
Read length (bp) 50
Total number of reads 2,901,803,214
Average total reads 34,545,276.36
Total number of bases (Gb)a 145.09
Total number of HQb filtered reads 2,877,839,522
Average HQ reads 34,259,994.31
Total number of HQ bases in HQ reads (Gb) 143.89
Percentage of HQ filtered reads 99.18%
alignment_not_uniquec 3,410,081.85
ambiguousc 219,495.24
no_featurec 2,692,823.24
not_alignedc 0.00
too_low_aQualc 0.00
  1. aGiga base pair (1,000,000,000 bp)
  2. bHigh quality (Phred score = 20)
  3. cHTSeq