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Table 1 Filtering steps in the identification of possible LBPs based on high nanoLC-coupled mass spectrometry analysis

From: Analysis of the lipid body proteome of the oleaginous alga Lobosphaera incisa

Filtering step Number of proteins detected in LB samples
None 484 ± 107
Present in all 3 technical replicates 279
  >10× enriched compared to any control sample or exclusively present in LB sample AND/OR
most abundant 10% in LB sample
expression induced >5× under nitrogen limiting conditions
134 28 23
Selected for further analysis, coding sequence successfully amplified by RT-PCR 11
LB localization confirmed 3
  1. Only proteins were considered, for which at least two peptides had been detected with medium or high confidence. For the initial number prior to filtering, the mean of three technical replicates is given ± the standard deviation