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Table 2 Cross-database references in CottonFGD

From: CottonFGD: an integrated functional genomics database for cotton

Database Name Description Available Genome Assemblies
Cotton specific databases
CottonGen [10] A genomics, genetics and breeding database for cotton research G. raimondii (JGI & BGI)
  G. arboreum (BGI)
  G. hirsutum (NAU & BGI)
GraP [11] Platform of Functional Genomics Analysis in Gossypium raimondii G. raimondii (JGI)
ccNet [12] Database of co-expression networks for diploid and polyploid Gossypium G. arboreum (BGI)
  G. hirsutum (NAU)
General plant databases
Phytozome [41] A comparative platform for green plant genomics G. raimondii (JGI)
GreeNC [42] A Wiki-database of plant lncRNAs G. raimondii (JGI)
PGDD [43] Plant Genome Duplication Database G. raimondii (JGI)
PIECE [44] Plant gene structure comparison and evolution database G. raimondii (JGI)
Planteome [45] Plant Ontology database G. raimondii (JGI)
PlantTFDB [46] Plant Transcription Factor Database G. raimondii (JGI)
  G. arboreum (BGI)
  G. hirsutum (NAU)
PLAZA [47] An access point for plant comparative genomics G. raimondii (JGI)