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Fig. 3

From: Ethephon induced oxidative stress in the olive leaf abscission zone enables development of a selective abscission compound

Fig. 3

Changes in the anatomy of leaf and fruit AZs during the 7 days after ethephon treatment. Images of longitudinal sections of the LAZ stained with ruthenium red (a) or alcian blue and neutral red (b), and of fruit FAZ2 (c) and FAZ3 (d) stained with ruthenium red at ×5 and ×40 magnitudes are presented. Separation of the LAZ 7 days after ethephon treatment is indicated by a white arrow. AZs are indicated by yellow arrows. The various regions are indicated as follow: LAZ – leaf abscission zone layer, PVT - petiole vascular tissue, AB - axillary bud, LP - leaf petiole, SVT - stem vascular tissue, FAZ2 - fruit abscission zone 2 layer, P – fruit pedicle, FAZ3 - fruit abscission zone 3 layer, F - fruit

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