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Fig. 1

From: Cell separation in kiwifruit without development of a specialised detachment zone

Fig. 1

Peeled Actinidia eriantha fruit images (a, b, d, e) and rough hand sections (c, f) of detached peel. Peeled fruit of the good peeling (GP) genotype (a) and poor peeling (PP) genotype (d), highlighting differences in strength and tearability of the peel. The surface of the fruit after peel detachment is dry in the GP genotype (a) and moist in the PP genotype (d). The peel of the GP genotype comes off thinly and in even thickness (b). The peel of the PP genotype is uneven and thicker (e). Most cells in the GP genotype detach cleanly, with complete separation of cell walls in the detachment zone (arrows) (c), whereas in the PP genotype, a greater degree of cell rupture is found (arrows) (f). Bar A, B = 1 mm; Bar C, D = 100 μm

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