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Table 5 Upregulated genes in pollen of LA1777 vs. LA0407 that show concordant expression patterns

From: Transcriptomic analysis links gene expression to unilateral pollen-pistil reproductive barriers

Gene p value Mean expression Fold change Annotation
Sopen05g018880.1 1.58E-04 1.5 84.7 Hypothetical protein
Sopen03g040880.1 8.68E-06 0.7 36.0 RNI-like, F-box, ubiquitin-protein ligase activity
Sopen01g027170.1 7.75E-05 0.6 28.5 RNI-like, F-box, Skp2-like
Sopen02g038110.1 7.81E-06 0.6 24.9 Cytochrome P450 724B1
Sopen02g036410.1 1.18E-05 64.8 16.7 Putative Hexokinase
Sopen12g026740.1 3.26E-04 114.7 11.9 Hypothetical protein
Sopen10g027930.1 4.98E-04 5.0 11.9 RAPTOR/KOG homolog located in CUL4 RING ubiquitin ligase complex
Sopen01g008220.1 1.05E-04 1.9 9.3 Hypothetical protein
Sopen05g029540.1 2.80E-04 0.4 8.8 RNA-directed DNA polymerase
Sopen01g028020.1 5.26E-05 3.4 7.3 Hypothetical protein
Sopen12g027920.1 4.39E-05 0.3 7.0 Zinc Finger Transcription Factor SUF4, involved in histone methylation
Sopen12g004180.1 3.29E-04 112.9 4.6 Oligouridylate Binding Protein 1B
Sopen01g005900.1 1.36E-04 111.6 4.5 Hypothetical protein
Sopen05g030530.1 3.09E-04 20.8 4.5 Annexin, Ca2+-binding protein
Sopen03g024730.1 4.76E-05 5.5 3.9 DNA Helicase
Sopen03g027800.1 2.34E-04 10.9 3.8 Exostosin
Sopen02g038520.1 6.46E-04 247.3 3.7 Lysine-Histidine Transporter (LHT1)
Sopen11g020250.1 4.01E-04 5397.5 3.7 GATA Type Zinc Finger Transcription Factor
Sopen06g022340.1 4.85E-04 6.5 3.5 Disease resistance/zinc finger/chromosome condensation-like region domain containing protein
Sopen07g015260.1 3.61E-04 108.5 3.2 Vacuolar Proton ATPase Subunit VHA-a isoform 2
Sopen11g021110.1 1.90E-04 129.8 3.1 Protein of unknown function, DUF593
Sopen06g009470.1 2.13E-04 0.8 3.1 Hypothetical protein
  1. A linear discriminant function was trained on the expression values of LA1777 and LA0407, and then used to classify other accessions as UI or non-UI