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Table 4 Upregulated genes in styles of LA1777 vs. LA0407 that show concordant expression patterns

From: Transcriptomic analysis links gene expression to unilateral pollen-pistil reproductive barriers

Gene p value Mean expression Fold change Annotation
Interspecific UI (upregulated in LA2119)
 Sopen01g011020.1 4.0E-21 75.9 108.4 Hypothetical protein
 Sopen12g021490.1 7.0E-18 10.2 17.4 NAD(P)-linked Oxidoreductase
 Sopen07g030750.1 1.0E-13 4.7 6.1 Cytochrome P450 (CYP72A15)
 Sopen06g026260.1 5.5E-17 39.4 4.7 Oxidoreductase, involved in lipid metabolic process
 Sopen05g028380.1 2.0E-08 7.9 3.6 Heavy metal transport/detoxification superfamily protein
 Sopen10g033870.1 1.4E-10 12.7 3.3 RING/U-box superfamily protein
 Sopen12g006800.1 3.2E-13 73.7 3.1 Photosystem II, Light-harvesting Chlorophyll B-binding protein
 Sopen06g019380.1 1.6E-14 108.4 3.1 Photosystem I Reaction Center Subunit II
 Sopen03g005470.1 1.2E-13 6.9 3.0 Peroxisomal Membrane 22 kDa (Mpv17/PMP22) family protein
Interpopulation UI (downregulated in LA2119)
 Sopen10g001450.1 8.8E-18 3.2 13.4 Unknown chloroplast stroma protein
 Sopen01g031170.1 5.3E-06 9.9 11.0 Transcription factor GRAS, DELLA-like protein
 Sopen05g006860.1 7.4E-14 74.6 6.5 Alpha-1,4-Glucan-Protein Synthase, involved in cell wall biogenesis
 Sopen11g005210.1 6.8E-19 33.1 5.3 Alpha/beta-Hydrolases superfamily protein, Serine Hydrolase
 Sopen11g028080.1 7.3E-16 5.2 4.2 DHBP, RibB-like; 3,4-Dihydroxyl-2-Butanone 4-Phosphate Synthase
 Sopen08g025270.1 7.9E-12 54.7 4.1 ABC-transporter-like, P-Glycoprotein 2 (PGP2)
 Sopen03g006340.1 5.2E-13 19.1 3.6 Unknown function (DUF827)
 Sopen07g027150.1 3.4E-10 131.8 3.5 Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase (PEPC)
 Sopen12g001030.1 1.1E-08 9.2 3.4 RING/U-box superfamily protein
 Sopen04g034310.1 1.4E-09 2.8 3.4 HXXXD-type Acyl-transferase family protein
 Sopen11g001350.1 2.6E-11 11.0 3.1 Plastid-lipid Associated Protein PAP / fibrillin family protein
 Sopen08g021970.1 2.8E-13 17.8 3.1 Hemoglobin Protein 3 (GLB3)
 Sopen12g006260.1 5.1E-13 3.9 3.1 F-box/LRR Protein, MAX2
  1. A linear discriminant function was trained on the expression values of LA1777 and LA0407, and then used to classify other accessions as UI or non-UI