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Table 3 Solanum habrochaites populations used in this study

From: Transcriptomic analysis links gene expression to unilateral pollen-pistil reproductive barriers

Country Province or Department Population/Accessiona Mating systemb Interpopulation UIc Interspecific UIc
Pollen accepted by LA1777 Accepts pollen of LA0407 Accepts pollen of S. neorickii Accepts pollen of S. lycopersicum
Ecuador Guayas LA0407 SC I SC C I
Ecuador Chimborazo LA1223 SC Id C C C
Ecuador Chimborazo LA1264 SC C C I I
Ecuador Loja LA2119 SC C C I I
Ecuador Loja LA2098 SI/SC C I I I
Peru Ancash LA1777 SI SI I I I
  1. SC self-compatible, SI self-incompatible, C compatible, I incompatible
  2. aall populations and passport information was acquired from the Tomato Genetics Resource Center (TGRC,, [104]) at the University of California, Davis
  3. bmating system was verified experimentally, and is consistent with data from the TGRC, Rick et al. 1979 and Broz et al. [6, 45]
  4. cinterpopulation and interspecific UI as reported in Broz et al., [6]
  5. dpollen of the LA1223 individual used in this experiment was not accepted by LA1777, Broz et al., [6] reports variation in individual LA1223 phenotypes for this cross